Education & Credentialing

  • Master of Science (MS) degree in Education/Special Education from Touro College Graduate School of Education and Psychology. GPA 3.86
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Economics & Finance from CUNY at York College, Minor Journalism. GPA 3.64
  • Certifications: New York State Teaching Licenses for General & Special Education; CPR; Conflict Resolution.
  • Organizations and Volunteer: New York Cares, Cypress Hills Community Center for Seniors
  • New York State Senate legislative Asst.; Writer, Green Point Observer; North Brooklynn Community Council, Inc, 2004-2011, Board Member; New York City Council, 2000-2011, Community volunteer & Writer/Editor for the Brooklyn Newspaper.


  • Native English Speaker
  • Bilingual Spanish –Advanced (reading, writing, speaking
  • Mandarin – Basic Functional (speaking, listening comprehension)
  • Arabic – Basic, (reading, speaking)
About us

Bio, History and Experience

Imagine Living Solutions (ILS) was founded in 2004 by three highly educated individuals. One of those being a passionate behavior consultant by the name of Wesley Thurman. As a psychotherapist, writer and international educator, Wesley has the experience needed to help the youth of New York State’s urban areas. ILS is a community based organization not for profit that helps the at-risk youth of New York.

“Wesley is a leader and a source of inspiration to many. He is the kind of person who does not rest until what he had planned for the day is accomplished. In addition, Wesley’s standards are high. He is responsible, respected and widely praised. Wesley made intelligent and visionary contributions during common lecturers discussions. His true talent came into full view in the field in which his leadership abilities took centre stage. I believe in Wesley’s strong personal abilities.”

Shahboz Babaev

Head of Foreign Lecturers Department
Anhui Progressive Culture & Education Co., Ltd., Hefei, China


We are Experienced


Domestic Experience

  • U.S.A. Based
  • 01/1987 - 01/2021

Lecturer – Educator - Education Consultant

  • New York City Department of Education (Tenured Instructor)
  • Private Education Centers and Corporate Research Institutes

My career has exceeded three decades with experience in education, learning and development and instructional design. I have facilitated as a classroom teacher and adult instructor for local not for profits in private and government industries. Additionally, I was employed by a corporate research institute in education. I specialize in using varied modalities and techniques while implementing and performing tasks. I have also received accolades for instinct, insight, problem solving and leadership.

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International Work Experience

  • China
  • 02/2017 – 01/2019

Lecturer – Teaching Expert - Education Consultant

  • Anhui Progressive Culture & Education Co. Ltd., Huainan City & Hefei City, China

Contracted to partner with universities, colleges and private international education management firms for developing, engaging and instructing students in higher education. Designed programs that exposed students to various courses including: English, Marketing, Statistics, Early Childhood Development Education and American Culture. Designed and evaluated course work and programs for formal academic settings, corporate seminars and professional staff development. I also developed an international university exchange program for Chinese students to complete study abroad programs. I was a liaison between international university leaders and domestic colleges. Designed a 2-pronged program focusing on course curriculum and cross cultural acclimation. Successfully instituted these programs and drove interest in enrollment while supporting students and received accolades for the success of this program.

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International Work Experience

  • Egypt
  • 08/2014 – 09/2014

International Teaching Expert - Education Consultant

  • American International School - Egypt West, Cairo

Contracted to facilitate classroom instruction aligned to a USA grade based curriculum for an international education management institution. Tasked in developing, engaging, instructing, assessing and evaluating students for possible remediation of special unique instruction. Designed programs that exposed students to various courses that paralleled USA grade-based education and US culture. Designed and evaluated course work and programs for formal academic settings using slide presentations as well as other technological platforms. The goal of instruction was to prepare students to receive an International baccalaureates degree.

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We Provide Some Awesome
Consultant Services

Our services include those with developmental disability, addition, and basic life style behavioral support needs.

  • Skill Training

    DBT – reflective therapy and processing.

  • Behavior Intervention

    Qualitative and Quantitative assessment Tracking of difficult behavior, identifying antecedent and environmental stimulus causes and remediating.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    Psychotherapy – linking thoughts emotions and behavior outcomes to be addressed.

  • Wellness Training

    Spiritual science, meditation, yoga, music therapy, connecting with nature.

  • Speaking engagements

    Speaking engagements for establishment of developmental disabilities programs and their support


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